ECO- Refurbish Dresser Drawers

I have recently discovered this amazing technique with staining wood.   It essentially oxidizes the wood to give it that Patina look.  The best part about it is there are no toxic chemicals involved.   I will get to the recipe soon because  if I told you now you wouldn’t believe me and you would probably click onward.

Let’s start with the piece that convinced me I was on to something…..

I have been looking for something to go in the dining room for linens and things.  I found this dresser at goodwill for $20  It was in pretty good shape just needed a little love.
2013-05-21 13.44.37
I brought it home sanded it down and ended up with this gorgeous pine piece of furniture.
2013-05-21 21.35.16
Was going to try a walnut stain but then thought I would change it up and try out this stain I had read about, it sounded crazy but I thought what the heck I’ll just re-sand it if it doesn’t work out.

Now we get to the crazy part…..ready for the recipe?

  • Glass Quart Jar
  • Steel Wool
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Black Tea
  • White vinegar

I honestly don’t remember exactly how much of each I put it as it was a total experiment but roughly:  1 cup steel wool, the coffee grounds from my morning 2 cups, three earl grey tea bags, and enough white vinegar to reach the top.   And then I let it sit for what turned into 5 days.    

Using a rag you just wipe it on the wood,  the more coats the darker it gets.  Keep in mind it is a chemical reaction and will continue to change over the next 48 hours or so.

Drum Roll………

2013-05-23 10.17.36 

I finished it with a water based sealant and a trip to the local hardware store for drawer pulls.   I love it! kat